MSNVA is in the Process of Creating a Group Health Plan - UPDATE

November 20, 2017 - By Claudia Tellez, Executive Director @MSNVA

Thank you for the positive response to the group health insurance plan for members, their families and employees.

MSNVA is moving forward with creating a group health plan, commonly known in the industry as an Association Health Plan or AHP.  We began this initiative with the idea of helping our members gain more choices and savings on health insurance plans since Anthem, Aetna and United Healthcare are no longer offering individual health plans in our area. As it turns out, every practice whether big or small will experience major premium increases for 2018. To date, we have commitments from four big practices with over 1,000 employees and we’ll keep everyone posted on the AHP’s progress through the MSNVA Digest.

Since this process will take at least a few months, we want to help members who are currently need for individual or small group health coverage by shopping the market place with the help of a local broker through December 15, 2017.  You can change to the MSNVA AHP once it’s activated without penalty.  Jackie Holloman currently helps a hand full of members with securing health insurance plans.

People in Northern Virginia who have been defaulted to Cigna or other carriers because their current carrier pulled out of the market, have the choice of CareFirst BC/BS, Anthem BC/BS or Kaiser.  Based on the census we collected, Jackie will request quotes from the BC/BS plans. People can also buy coverage directly through Kaiser without the help of a broker, giving members several options. People are under no obligation to accept the rates, plans or provide coverage to other employees in the same practice or group.

For questions related to the AHP initiative, please contact Claudia Tellez, Executive Director, MSNVA at 703.934.8818.

For questions related to small group and solo practices health coverage choices, please contact Jackie Holloman directly at 571.217.9571.

We will continue to collect Census Surveys through January 2018 for the AHP. 

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