MSNVA is in the Process of Creating a Group Health Plan - UPDATE

November 20, 2017 - By Claudia Tellez, Executive Director @MSNVA

First, thank you for submitting census surveys, since this project was announced we collected more than 200 surveys from small & solo practices.  

As promised, I am writing to announce the names of the big practices that have agreed to join this effort.  MSNVA created a committee (MSNVA-AHP Committee) to oversee the planning process and work of the MSNVA-AHP.  The committee is comprised of MSNVA Board members who are predominantly small or solo practice owners and big practice representatives with a combined employee force of more than 2,000 individuals.  These practices are:  Reston Radiology Associates, Advanced Digestive Care, Fairfax Pediatrics, The Pediatric Group, Arthritis and Sports, The Retina Group of Washington, Virgnia Pediatric Group.  

The MSNVA-AHP Committee met on December 12th for a kick off meeting to review the anticipated scope of work to accomplish our goal. As a first order of business, the MSNVA-AHP Committee needs to select a benefits consulting firm.  OneDigital and The Meltzer Group were invited to present their respective overviews for creating an Associations Health Plan, committee members had the opportunity to ask questions and further define the intent of the MSNVA-AHP: 

  • It may lower premiums by as much as 20 % 
  • It’s partially self funded with reinsurance at the individual and group level. To the practice it will look no different than a monthly premium. 
  • Will allow the participants to join a preferential networks of physician practices. 
  • Will be a health plan solution that can be sold to other industry related small businesses 

The MSNVA-AHP Committee will convene for a second meeting on January 11, 2018 to review proposals from OneDigital & the Meltzer Group and select a benefits consulting partner to move forward with implementation. We are very hopeful about achieving our goal and rolling out the MSNVA-AHP to members on April 1, 2018.  

There is greater leverage as the number of potential covered lives increases, small and big groups are welcome to join this effort through the end of January 2018.  For more information, please contact Claudia Téllez, Executive Director @MSNVA.

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